Self Help

You can do much to help yourself heal from Post Abortion Trauma.

  1. Pray this prayer or compose one of your own.
    Lord Jesus Christ, I am sorry for my sins
    I renounce Satan and all his works
    I accept you, Jesus, as My Lord and my God
    I invite you into my life as my personal Savior
    Heal and strengthen me. Fill me with your Holy Spirit
    I will love you and follow you all the days of my life.
  2. Talk to a priest; or a minister of religion if you are not catholic. Tell them about your abortion and ask them to pray for you, for God’s forgiveness. Once is not enough, do it several times.
  3. Read the bible.
  4. Pray the rosary if you are catholic.
  5. Talk to God, reveal your heart to Him.
  6. Go to church even if you don’t feel like it.
  7. Read helpful books and articles.
  8. Name your child and offer him/her to God.
  9. Find a support group if you can.
  10. Talk to people who you can trust and maybe start a support group for people like yourself.

You can also phone 647-350-3755 Ext. 369 for help.

For more information:


Second Chance Ministry
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Suite 369
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Fr. Vince Heffernan sfm 647-350-3755 Ext. 369
Angelina Steenstra 647-330-9749